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Complete exhaust change on 07-13

Complete exhaust change on 07-13

Postby Justme [OP] » May 17 2015, 11:14pm

I don't know if I have a specific question yet I just wanted to give the idea of what I want to do and get opinions on it. I was wanting to run lt headers into the stock cats with o2 sensors and all, then cut the end of y pipe off to go into an x pipe going into two mufflers, (probably magnaflow) then either turn down right there or tips out the back. Thoughts?

My goal is sound. Both quality and decibels. I want a loud exhaust that gets your attention and stand out. But don't want the poppy/nasty sound of straight pipes ( no cats or mufflers) I love the way headers sound so they are a must. I like to be legal too. So the cats must stay. I chose an x pipe cuz I figured it would sound better (smoother). I originally wanted to turn down righ after mufflers cuz it would be a little louder. But am thinking I may not wanna hear it in the cab all the time. Thoughts and opinions welcome
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Firing on 7 cylinders [L1]
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