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1500 rear bumper vs 2500 rear bumper

Will it FIT??

Re: 1500 rear bumper vs 2500 rear bumper

Postby DMAX1 » Dec 15 2017, 4:20am

No Tyme wrote:
Hc828 wrote:Not sure if anyone is still wondering about this but I did mount a 2015 2500HD bumper on a 2012 1500 Silverado.... I just had to swap the 2500 bumper brackets out with 2015 1500 bumper brackets. I did tap the pocket brackets a touch to adjust fit. Now yes the top plastic cover is taller than the 1500 but will work. I had just a little trimming on plastic very minimal on sides so it would clear the body side and trimmed the 12-16" lip that's under the tailgate of which you don't see and it was only to eliminate a slight rubbing when opening tailgate... other than that it fit great. I used the 2012 license plate harness ...the trimming that I did you can't even see, looks factory.

I agree, as I just changed mine out. The 2500 top bumper cover is taller and if you can get it to fit it will interfere with the tailgate. Swap out the bumper top covers and your good to go.
FYI: I have a 2500 top bumper cover for sale...
I realize this is an old post, but I'm wondering if you got rid of the 2500 bumper cover? I'm looking for one.

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