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2003 Parking Brakes and Backing Plate

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2003 Parking Brakes and Backing Plate

Postby David89GMC [OP] » Nov 20 2020, 10:15pm

Hey folks.

The parking brake on the new to me 2003 GMC Sierra K2500HD went to the floor and had very little effect, so thought I'd share the parking brake and backing plate R&R for this truck. My intention was to just replace the shoes but found the left side shoes soaked in gear oil and one of the backing plates worn clear through by both shoes near the adjuster.

Purchased the following shoes and backing plate off Amazon.

Bosch BS771 shoes for about $23
Dorman 924-214 plate for about $20, the AC-Delco part includes the caliper plate and bolts for $95.

1. Lock the Parking Brake Cable Automatic Adjuster by pulling on the parking brake cable from under the truck until the adjuster rotates far enough to prevent it rotating back with a small diameter screwdriver. See "auto adj disable.jpg".

2. Remove a rear wheel, brake caliper, disk, axle and hub.
This is trickier than it seems. The 18mm caliper bolts have thread locker and are tightened to at least 122 ft lbs, depending on the model. Mine is a JH6, so 122 ft lbs. I had to use a propane torch to heat the bolts until the thread locker loosened. There is just enough room to use a breaker bar with a 1/2 inch 18mm socket.
The hub is attached with a spindle nut that requires a special socket. A Powerbuilt 648475 is $15 but needs a little grinding to fit correctly.
The hub seal is a GM 291-319, which should be replaced even if it's not leaking. One of mine looked great but was leaking, the other was broken in two pieces but not leaking. ???
Fel-Pro 55350 is the correct axle flange gasket. Some axles, like mine, use sealer from the factory instead of the gasket.

3. To replace the backing plate, the backing plate bolts and parking brake cable must be removed. The parking brake cable spring is too strong for me to compress by hand so I used a door spring compressor for a 1989 GMC K1500, which I got from Amazon through Tool Deals for about $7. Glad I had this thing laying around because it worked perfectly.

4. The backing plate bolts are press fit into the caliper mounting plate, which came right out with my 20 ton press. They wouldn't budge with a few blows from a lead hammer. Replace the backing plate and press the bolts back in.

5. Reattach the backing plate with the caliper mounting plate and parking brake cable and tighten the nuts. Mount the parking brake shoes by whatever means you like, they're sort of a PITA to keep clean while installing, but patience wins the day.

6. After mounting the seal to the hub, slide the hub onto the spindle until it stops. Don't force it, install the spindle nut and turn it to "press" the hub onto the spindle until the seal seats. Double check that the seal is all to way on the spindle, then torque the spindle nut to 50 ft lbs. Now back off the spindle nut until the key slides in, then add the retaining ring.

7. Adjust the parking brake shoes until you feel resistance when rotating the disk, then back off until no resistance is felt. The Auto Adjuster will take up the slack.

8. Install the axle and wheel and you're done.

Now you'll have working parking brakes.
auto adj disable.JPG
Locking the auto adjuster.
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