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add Factory auto dimming mirror

upgrade factory mirror to DD8
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add Factory auto dimming mirror

Postby 20custom [OP] » Jun 28 2021, 6:06pm

I have a 2020 Silverado custom double cab, 4.3 4WD with the custom value package. This configuration is near base so of course it doesn't come with an auto dimming interior mirror. I have successfully added the OEM GM auto dimming mirror
you will need the new mirror PN: 13540312
a long T15 driver, A T20 driver, plastic trim tool, a heat gun, and a small metal pick.
first, use the metal pick to carefully remove the plastic covers on either side of the overhead console, then use a long T15 driver to remove the two torx screws near the front of the console.
Once the screws are removed the console is still held in from the back with two clips, pull down carefully to disengage them.
There will be two unused connectors glued in place out of the way, locate the 5 pin connector on the right.
This connector was glued strongly in place so I used a head gun on low for about 15 seconds to soften the adhesive enough to get my pick underneath it.
To remove the trim surrounding the mirror, remove the center cover first by gently pulling down from the top, remove the trim that surrounds after that.
Use a T20 to loosen the set screw on the old mirror, slide it up and off.
Feed the 5 pin connector through the pre-existing cutout in the headliner.
Mount the new mirror and plug it in, programming is not necessary and should be fully functional with the key in the ON position.
Reverse the previous steps for reassembly.
1 autodimming mirror.jpg
2 autodimming mirror.jpg
3 autodimming mirror.jpg
4 autodimming mirror.jpg
5 autodimming mirror.jpg
6 autodimming mirror.jpg
7 autodimming mirror.jpg
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