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How to swap an 03-07 Full Height Console into a 99-02 Truck

Swapping a full height center console into a 99-02 truck in place of a jump seat or earlier console
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How to swap an 03-07 Full Height Console into a 99-02 Truck

Postby nakpak [OP] » Feb 08 2018, 12:21am

• Skill Level: Some mechanical ability, strength to maneuver seat
• Time: 2 – 4 hours depending on how much cleaning you want to do
• Special Tools: Drill to remove radio bucket, deep well 15 mm socket to remove seats

To swap in a full height center console into a 99-02 model truck without any gaps or color variations. The completion of this process will allow for a double din stereo installation as well.

Step-by-Step- Instructions:

1. First, let me explain the problem:
There are two generations of center consoles available for 99-07 classic GM full size pickup trucks.

The 99-02 center console looks like this:
99-02 center console
cc1.png (319.53 KiB) Viewed 8557 times

99-02 center console
cc2.png (198.17 KiB) Viewed 8557 times

As you can see, it does not completely connect to the dashboard.
The 03 – 07 classic center console looks like this:
03-07 classic center console
cc3.png (301.7 KiB) Viewed 8557 times

03-07 classic center console
cc4.png (315.83 KiB) Viewed 8557 times

The 03 – 07 classic console connects with the dashboard and looks cleaner than the 99-02 console.

If you have a 99-02 truck with a jump seat, you can swap it out for either console, however the 03-07 classic console requires a little extra work. Going forward, this guide is assuming the reader would like to remove the jump seat from their 99-02 truck and replace it with a center console from an 03-07 classic truck.

2. The first step is to acquire all of the materials that you will need to do the swap.

03-07 classic center console
03-07 classic glove box and knee bolster (or, just cut the one in your 99-02 to make it fit)
03-07 classic radio bucket (allows for double din swap)
03-07 classic dashboard front bezel (covers gap made by new center console)
Double din stereo for your new dashboard

First and foremost, you need a center console. These can be picked up for cheap at scrap yards all over the country, or on eBay for a much higher price. The trick is, finding a color you can live with. My 2001 Sierra interior color is listed as graphite, and seems to be quite a bit darker than almost all of the later model interior colors I could find. I ended up picking up this center console off of eBay out of a 2004 Avalanche, and it is slightly lighter in color. I decided I could live with the color difference, it actually looks pretty good this way.

Next, you’ll need the glove box trim and knee bolster out of the later model truck. The glove box trim and knee bolster in your truck look like this:
99-02 knee bolster

Now I’m not sure what the trim piece looks like for vehicles with a factory center console, but I assume they are the same except without the cover piece that has been removed beneath the plugs and lighter/ashtray. Ignore the tissue sticking out from the glove box latch, in a moment of fury I jammed it up there to stop that infernal rattle (but that’s a problem for another day…).

The piece you need to acquire looks like this:
03-07 classic knee bolster

Note: The glove box is disconnected from the trim here.

Another alternative to this is to simply cut the piece that is in your truck right now, rather than buy a new one. I pulled a spare one out of the junkyard and tried to do just that, but was not happy with the results. Here’s a picture of what that looked like, perhaps you are handier with a cutoff wheel than I:
99-02 bolster cut to fit

Some people choose this method, but I prefer to have that factory fit and finish. In either case, if you pull a piece from the junkyard, be prepared to repaint it. I don’t believe they made any of these trucks with a graphite interior after 2002, plus the junkyard pieces tend to have faded paint anyway. I found the closest color I could, but decided to paint it anyways. Here is a comparison below:

Another option if you don’t want to paint is to install both the glove box trim and knee bolster from a later model truck and have a two tone dash.
03-07 classic knee bolster pair

After installing your center console and your painted (or perhaps not painted) glove box and knee bolster, you are left with a mostly completed truck. However, the careful eye will notice a slight gap between the center console and the dashboard:

To fix this, you need a dash bezel from a later model truck as well. The bezels look the same, but the 03-07 bezel is slightly extended to cover that gap, and allows for a double din radio to be installed. Additionally, an 03 - 07 classic radio bucket is needed, which requires moving the HVAC controls slightly (this will be covered later as well).

This is my progress so far on this thread, I aim to complete it soon. By the time it's finished, it will show how to paint trim the factory color, install a double din stereo, and finish the center console swap completely. This covers all of the part interchange however.
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Re: How to swap an 03-07 Full Height Console into a 99-02 Tr

Postby chrisg5.3 » Mar 05 2018, 3:52am

looking forward to reading your entire posting on this. been something i had been thinking about doing myself, but not sure where to begin....lol
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Re: How to swap an 03-07 Full Height Console into a 99-02 Tr

Postby shakenfake » Mar 24 2020, 6:14am

I know this is a terrible necro but did anyone ever finish this? OP specifically? I would love to do this but just need to know these last few steps he didn't post
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