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Aftermarket speakers are quiet.

Front driver and passenger speakers are putting out very low audio.

Aftermarket speakers are quiet.

Postby Whiskey [OP] » Feb 15 2020, 3:32am

So let me start off saying this, and i know everyone is varied in opinion when it comes to this. I love DIY, doing something myself is satisfying and well.. cheaper. I am not stupid crazy smart when it comes to electrical but my father is, quick few hour phone call and frustration later i botched together a head unit install. (This has come full circle to bite me in the ass...) Most likely will take it to one of the shops near me that do audio for vehicles and have them fix my mistakes, but for now if anyone has any ideas id appreciate it. (something to note, i didn't install a female adapter coming off the main harness for the radio nor anything to keep my steering wheel controls. I spliced right into the wires and called it a day)

The truck is a 2005 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE crew cab. It does not have the bose system and did have the 6 disc CD player as the OEM headunit.

6 months ago my passenger front speaker had stopped working, and my driver front speaker had started to show its age. I dropped by the local parts store and picked up a cheapo head unit and some new speakers in the hopes that it would fix both the passenger issue as well as provide better audio on the driver side. I feel like this might be important to note, the passenger audio was very inconsistent, it would intermittently come on and off without a clear sign as to why.

2 months later after the install of the speakers and head unit everything was fine, and boom my issue with the passenger audio in the front of the cab had returned. I ignored it and figured its a bad wire somewhere between point A to B. Fast forward to present day and my Passenger front, Driver front, and passenger rear have all stopped working or so i thought. I checked power in the head unit and my connections both between my splices as well as the speakers themselves and everything had power. With a little bit of setting changes on the head unit I discovered that every speaker does in fact have power and is playing audio except its very very quiet.

TLDR; Front speakers and rear passenger speaker all have really low audio, i botched my install so im not sure if its a bad wire on my side or OEM side.
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Re: Aftermarket speakers are quiet.

Postby dav2no1 » Feb 15 2020, 7:00am

Did you replace all the speaker wire or did you reuse the OEM that was causing the issues? What speakers and head unit did you use? Did you install a amp or are you running off the head unit? A little more information is needed to give you so.e options.
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Re: Aftermarket speakers are quiet.

Postby Zrock » Feb 15 2020, 3:39pm

Never use factory speaker wire for aftermarket speakers especially if you were having previous issues.. i would grab a roll of speaker wire and run yourself new lines and solder your connections, if you cannot solder use the shrinkable but connectors much less chance of things working loose...
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