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Shop recommendation Albuquerque Shop recommendation Albuquerque

I am looking for a recommendation for a good shop in Albuquerque NM. I do most of my own maintenance but the pan gasket on my 08 Silverado 1500 4x4 is just a bigger job than I can take on. Any recommendations for a good honest shop would be much appreciated.
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Experienced repair shop in Boise area?

Looking for a local shop that's got some experience with the LS and AFM delete mod. 2007 6.0L Max motor with a dead cylinder. Guess the head will need to come off so want to do a cam swap and get rid of the AFM at the same time. Usually do work myself but in the middle of a remodel and have the camper in the shop for living quarters. Don't want to randomly pick ...
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Do you have a 6.0 in Colorado?

I've got a recently swapped 2009 1500. L96 6.0, cam, intake, exhaust, tune.

Everyone with a 6 liter on the internet claims a 6 second zero to sixty time. Magazines claim that 6 liter equipped Chevys like the Tahoe and Avalanche can tick off 0-60 in 7 seconds.

I find all of this a little difficult to believe. The best I can manage is 9.5 seconds. I estimate that I should be making about 350 ...
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2011 5.3 liter AFM delete in DFW

Hello fellow members,
I have just traded in my previous vehicle, a 2012 Grand Sport for a 2011 GMC Sierra crew cab and found out after the fact that the truck is equipped with the dreaded AFM, DOD. I have received two estimates from different Dallas, Fort Worth speed shops and was struck with sticker shock of the price to delete and tune. One shop said $3999.99 and the other shop came in at $4700 ...
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Butte, Montana Meet Up

I want to set up a weekly meet up in butte.
I am new to montana and back home we had bayfront every saturday night and cars and coffee every sunday morning, think it would be fun to have something like that up here.
Plus, I go to MTech full time and its nothing but class, hitting the gym, or being at home studying so like a sunday morning break from that, and cheating on ...
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Salt Lake City area?

Just moved to Salt Lake City, Ut, from Augusta, Georgia. Don't know anyone in the area and just checking to see if anyone on here is from the area!
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2017 RAD events – Area 51, Salton Sea, Mammoth, and more

Hello everyone,

Instead of making a post for each event, I am going to make one post that lists all the events for the Road Adventures Club (Formerly ROC). This way you can subscribe to the thread to get event reminders and see post run reports and images in one spot. This is also to make sure we are a good forum supporter by keeping the post clutter down to a minimum and it allows ...
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Looking for AZ shop to make/sell winch bumper

Anyone here in AZ and know of a good shop that would build or sell me an off-road winch bumper at a reasonable price?
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Cruise Ogden UT

I am a student at WSU in Utah and I've just been told that we are going to be host a cruise these are the current details but more information may come down the line as time goes on. So if you are in the area or interested in making a drive down you will be more than welcome.

We are hosting a cruise on October 17th, in Honor of the unveiling of the Ardell ...
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2000 gmc 1500 4x4 ext cab

hi everyone new to the forum so ive had my truck for 2 years now and my issue is when the trans is in drive i get a hesitation
and shake when it feels like it wants to shift down this only happens in D in city driving when in 3rd there is no problem any info
or possible solutions would be apreciated
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