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New to me Diablo i2

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New to me Diablo i2

Postby BobInOK [OP] » Oct 05 2019, 5:16pm

Bought a Diablo i2 from one of the members on this site and got a chance to play with it today. Had to use a Windows 7 laptop to check for and download the updates, Tried it with an XP computer first and the driver wouldn't load. After the update went out to the truck and followed the directions to install the 87 tune with firm shifts, then turned off the AFM. Haven't really driven it yet to see if it makes much difference. Pretty easy process and eventually looking to get Lew to do his magic.
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Re: New to me Diablo i2

Postby roorancher » Oct 05 2019, 6:02pm

When your ready for "Lew Magic" make sure all 4 of the "fuel trim" profiles are set up to record. You may have to manually select them. Several guys on the site (including me,) have had to redo their log because it only recorded 2 of the 4.

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