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Member Ranks

Complete list of member ranks. What each rank signifies, the requirements to obtain each ranking, and the corresponding rank titles.

Rank Image Rank Title Minimum Posts
Newbie Newbie 1
Firing on 1 cylinder [L1] Firing on 1 cylinder [L1] 10
Firing on 2 cylinders [L1] Firing on 2 cylinders [L1] 20
Firing on 3 cylinders [L1] Firing on 3 cylinders [L1] 30
Firing on 4 cylinders [L1] Firing on 4 cylinders [L1] 40
Firing on 5 cylinders [L1] Firing on 5 cylinders [L1] 50
Firing on 6 cylinders [L1] Firing on 6 cylinders [L1] 60
Firing on 7 cylinders [L1] Firing on 7 cylinders [L1] 70
Firing on 8 cylinders [L1] Firing on 8 cylinders [L1] 80
Combustion on 1 piston [L2] Combustion on 1 piston [L2] 100
Combustion on 2 pistons [L2] Combustion on 2 pistons [L2] 200
Combustion on 3 pistons [L2] Combustion on 3 pistons [L2] 300
Combustion on 4 pistons [L2] Combustion on 4 pistons [L2] 400
Combustion on 5 pistons [L2] Combustion on 5 pistons [L2] 500
Combustion on 6 pistons [L2] Combustion on 6 pistons [L2] 600
Combustion on 7 pistons [L2] Combustion on 7 pistons [L2] 700
Combustion on 8 pistons [L2] Combustion on 8 pistons [L2] 800
Shifting into Gear [L3] Shifting into Gear [L3] 1000
Shifting into First Gear [L3] Shifting into First Gear [L3] 1100
Shifting into Second Gear [L3] Shifting into Second Gear [L3] 1200
Shifting into Third Gear [L3] Shifting into Third Gear [L3] 1300
Shifting into Fourth Gear [L3] Shifting into Fourth Gear [L3] 1400
Shifting into Fifth Gear [L3] Shifting into Fifth Gear [L3] 1500
Auto 4WD Mode [L3] Auto 4WD Mode [L3] 1600
4x4 Low Mode [L3] 4x4 Low Mode [L3] 1700
4x4 High Mode [L3] 4x4 High Mode [L3] 1800
Shifting into Sixth Gear! [L3] Shifting into Sixth Gear! [L3] 1900
ASE Certified ASE Certified Special Rank
Armed Forces Armed Forces Special Rank
Automotive Technician Automotive Technician Special Rank
Contributor Contributor Special Rank
First Responder First Responder Special Rank
Recognized Supplier Recognized Supplier Special Rank
Staff Member Staff Member Special Rank
Technical Director Technical Director Special Rank
Web Crawler Bot Web Crawler Bot Special Rank

Ranks Synopsis

Simple page that displays all the ranks of the site and their titles. Lists all the member ranks on one page - User Ranks at the top, Special ranks at the bottom along with the minimum post counts required to obtain the rank.

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