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Summit white
05 sierra, 150k, had the truck since 2013, use to beat it up in the woods (partying days) then for two years drove her 15hrs back and forth from South Dakota to Nevada 2 on 1off mining, had a baby girl (shes 3 now) so truck was neglected for about that long, so latley ive been trying to bring her back, came with this terrible procomp 6" drop bracket liftkit SUSPENSION NIGHTMARE!!! 🤬 I Tore idler off the frame 3x's got it welded 3x's! So i made my own bolt on mount, bends instead of breaks im hoping, balljoints, wheel bearings, tie rods, too many times... lots of sledge hammer action! Mods. helo 20's, wildpeaks, *L33 swaped. (Back in 2016 because dealership didnt know motor was blown...🤨) *custom exhaust w Non Fowlers (1st cat back exhaust rusted off) , *afe intake, *1st engines L59 rail and injectors, and electric fan. She Needs tuned, Recently Decided interior needed some love, so i soldered red led interior lights, (cluster/hvac/4wd/dome and fog switches) striped the dash paint (pressure washer!) So its blacked out + red accents and I vinyl wraped airbag cover+ grab bar in vivvid forged carbon, new black carpet, cheap pioneer double din/ JL speakers, 5% tint, black tailights, clear turns, all led exterior lights, vinyl wraped bumpers, blacked out grill, came debadged, soft open tailgate ($15 get one!) Recently got into OBD2 live data, trying to learn all the systems and how they're supposed to work, fixed some vacuum leaks, the whole O2 sensor no cat fiasco, (not permanent) kind of turned it into a restoration project, because I figure I'm stuck with the old girl, makes no sense to get rid of her now+ she owes me!


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