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BDS Glide-Ride leaf springs questions

BDS Glide-Ride leaf springs questions

Postby RideThisChevy [OP] » Jul 08 2016, 2:47am

So I'm curious as to who on here is running these BDS Glide-Ride lifted leaf springs? Only reason I have been looking into them is after I installed my 5" RC lift I've noticed under heavy acceleration right around shifting from 1st to 2nd I have a good bit of axle wrap. Now I know some of you will just say drive like a normal person and you won't get axle wrap but at the end of the day I want to be able to use the power I have available when I want. Mostly it's only merging an on ramp to the interstate! I was in contact with BDS and they said it will help immensely with my axle wrap issue(I'm assuming because in my case I'll be trading a 5" block that came with the lift to a 1"), I just want to know from you guys who run them if you would agree with them before I pull the trigger?

Since I have an NNBS 1/2 ton I'm looking at part # 001559.

Also I know traction bars are an option as well but I'd prefer to go to smaller blocks and if I can eliminate the axle wrap in doing so as well and possibly achieve a better ride with these springs I'm going that route first.
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Re: BDS Glide-Ride leaf springs questions

Postby ricka182 » Jul 08 2016, 3:23am

JLarsen45 has the BDS with GlideRite kit on his truck. I'm pretty sure hes said it's a great ride, but you could PM him to ask directly.
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