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KYB Monomax struts and shocks

KYB Monomax struts and shocks

Postby Mossyoakglock [OP] » Dec 09 2013, 2:41pm

I'm going to be getting new front struts for my '08 Silverado and was looking at the KYB Monomax struts. I've heard good things about them but wanted to see if anybody here has used them and how you liked them.

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Re: KYB Monomax struts and shocks

Postby BTH69w » Jul 26 2020, 2:19pm

I installed the monomax truckplus struts and monomax shocks on my 2009 silverado 4wd with 140,000 miles on original struts. Stock towing suspension. I love them. Ride is perfect. Not harsh at all. Like a new truck. I also installed Prothane swaybar bushings and swaybar links.
Cornering is flatter. Feels like a new truck. less nosedive when breaking. This is my second truck I've put the Monomax's on. They were great on the 2006 until I cracked it up.
I think maybe its a touch taller than before install but I think the new springs and nitro charged shock restored it to stock height. I think you would love the Monomax.
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