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  1. Member Introductions
    Hello All, my name is Noe. I am new member. Just created an account via ALLDAYdiy, for my 2014 Silverado 1500 4WD, V6-43.L and got a Full Year subscription. Let me know if I can help with anything ? NOTE: I work night shifts, so there will be a delay, when responding to questions. I will try...
  2. EcoTec 4.3L V6
    DTC status: P2119 Throttle Closed Position Performance. Year : 2014 Mileage: 174,457 Symptoms: Truck idle is rough, truck acceleration feels slow. Does any one know the torque specs, for the Throttle body of a 4.3 LV6? Has anyone else encounter a similar issue(s)?
  3. EcoTec 4.3L V6
    Hey all. New to the platform in hopes someone can help me with an issue. I have a 2014 Silverado with the 4.3 in it. Bought the truck about 3 months ago with 90k on it. After about 13 days I had a P0325 code that came on randomly. Replaced the sensor with a cheap one off Amazon and the problem...
  4. Vortec 4300 4.3L V6
    My 2001 Chevy Silverado 1500 4.3 has been giving me a problem lately, recently I was driving home from Mississippi to Louisiana and the truck started having spark issues , took it to a shop and they said it wasn’t getting any spark well I knew it was the icm so I changed it jumped the truck off...
  5. EcoTec 5.3L V8
    Did v6 to v8 swap. Had dealer program v8 file into original v6 ecu. Now engine cranks but doesn’t start. And has these codes. P16A1 P0097 P00F4 P0113. Any ideas? Freeze frame shows -40 on iat. Tried the one off my 2015 Denali still didn’t get it to start
  6. Vortec 4300 4.3L V6
    I have a 2007 GMC Sierra classic 4.3l v6 I have been trying to get sparks and have tried everything it has a new cam sensor new crank sensor a new icm and a new coil pack and a new rotor cap and rotor button and distributor the pcm has also been replaced I have test a lot of thing and just...
  7. Vortec 4300 4.3L V6
    Alright so my 4.3 has an oil leak I didn't have the issue then I did an oil change, about 2 weeks after that it pissed about 2 quarts of oil, and it stopped because I thought it was maybe the drain plug had a faulty seal so we replaced that. Sure enough, started up again bout a week after that...
  8. Vortec 4300 4.3L V6
    Does anybody know the specs of a stock throttle body for a 2006 chevy Silverado 1500 with a 4.3L V6? I need the inner size of it. Thanks a ton
1-8 of 8 Results