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  1. Electrical
    hello ladies and gentalmen I have a little project on my hands, everything has worked so far really easily but now I'm on the electrical part and can't figure it out as one has switches that control units and one does not. say for instance the 05 has a wire for 4wd low well the 07 doesn't and is...
  2. Tailgate Talk
    can a 1997 gmc sierra headlight assembly fit on a 2001 gmc savana sle? they seem to be similar in pictures buuuuut it does not hurt to ask. Thanks! Oh and btw, this is all because i want FANCY EURO HEADLIGHTS! but if i cant have em, oh well, it was worth a shot, Right?
  3. Uncategorized Truck Topics
    Ok 1st timer here and here we go. My buddy just passed away and he has left me with lots of things to deal with. Never let me get the easy job even when he is gone! Lol so i got his truck I guess it used to belong to LA Air ports. So it has a big propane tank in the bed that it mixed with the...
  4. Exhaust
    My car has an afe air intake, Arh headers, tsp custom cam kit 222/230 and a tune but with the stock exhaust it sounds terrible and with a Magnaflow exhaust it’s tooooooo loud. Any suggestions?
1-4 of 11 Results