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  1. 🎵 🖥️ Mobile Electronics - Infotainment
    anyone know where i can get this Cable, its An LVDS output cable (Data/Video Cable) or have the Part Number for it? Manufacturer says its obsolete
  2. 🎵 🖥️ Mobile Electronics - Infotainment
    Hi does anyone know the Part number or How to find The number for The Output LVDS wiring harness on the Video Interface
  3. 🎵 🖥️ Mobile Electronics - Infotainment
    I have issues connecting Apple CarPlay. I have setting to enable CarPlay and android auto but the phone never connects. Even went a bought an official iPhone cable with no luck. It keeps saying playback source not available. Anyone have this problem? Maybe have a fix or workaround?
  4. 🎵 🖥️ Mobile Electronics - Infotainment
    Currently have a blank screen and info screen not working. Back up camera still works but nothing else noticed USB in middle console also not working. Started with stabilitrak warnings and truck lost power twice. Since screen is black and have not gotten a stabilitrak warning since. Any help...
  5. 🎵 🖥️ Mobile Electronics - Infotainment
    I have had SO MANY problems with the screen on my 2016 Sierra. Dealer has replaced 3 times in first 2 years. I've lived with it not working since. I'm now interested in an aftermarket type infotainment-replacement system. Can anyone make a solid recommendation from first hand experience...
  6. 🎵 🖥️ Mobile Electronics - Infotainment
    I just bought a 2018 LTZ with the 8" touchscreen, my previous Silverado had the 7". It's been a few days since the purchase and I have noticed that the touchscreen is ghost touching and moving around while sitting idle. It is annoying to say the least, if I don't have Android Auto running, it'll...
  7. 🎵 🖥️ Mobile Electronics - Infotainment
    2020 Chevy Silverado 2500HD We connected our 5th wheel as normal. I pressed the trailering icon on the chevy Infotainment center screen, and the screen then goes completely black. The screen has nothing on it. The cameras that should activate when we change lanes are not working and the truck...
  8. 🎵 🖥️ Mobile Electronics - Infotainment
    Hello everyone, I am looking at adding a screen in a 2011 2500 LTZ. The interior is the style shown in the picture. I was wondering if it is possible to add the OEM factory screen/entertainment system in this truck, since it was an option for that year. If not, does anyone know what the best...
  9. 🎵 🖥️ Mobile Electronics - Infotainment
    I have a 2015 Chevrolet Silverado with a mylink 8” screen, the screen went black overnight. It is getting power to it, the lights on the power button/menu buttons underneath still come on, the screen does not. I have checked and replaced fuses, checked wire behind glove box, even took out the...
  10. 🎵 🖥️ Mobile Electronics - Infotainment
    Has anyone seen anything like this? Replaced my battery and now I can’t get past this screen for more than a few seconds. The system clicks intermittently as if someone was clicking icons on the screen.
1-10 of 10 Results