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  1. Suspension & Steering
    Hi all I just installed a superlift 2.5 lift kit on my 2003 Silverado I like how the back turned out but the front is still pretty low compared to how it should sit? Not sure if I installed the torsion keys wrong or what but need someone else’s opinions.
  2. Suspension & Steering
    I’m pretty sure this thing is leveled but wanted to confirm this. I believe it’s a 1inch spacer on the top of the strut and looks like maybe a .25 on the bottom. Never heard of a 1.25 level. Truck looks “leveler” than other same models I’ve seen. Still has a slight rake. Let me know your...
  3. Suspension & Steering
    Hello! I recently purchased an 04 GMC Sierra 1500 4wd. I want to touch up on the suspension. Unfortunately I am younger and do not have the money for a lift setup, so I want to go for the cheaper leveling option. What are some of the better options for a leveling kit? Thank you, Tanner :)
1-3 of 5 Results