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  1. Wheels & Tires
    Got a set of 2021 at4 wheels going on a 2011 Sierra z71 w/Goodyear duratracs Center bore is the same Lug pattern the same Lug thread size is the same My question is do I use the lug nuts from the 2011 ? Only difference is the length 45.9mm for the z71 & 1.752”(44.5mm) for the at4… any input...
  2. Brakes
    Have an 01 5.3 that has the front driver side wheel dragging and making a grinding noise when pressing on the brakes. Seems like caliper is closed too tightly causing pads to be in constant contact. I replaced pads, rotor, and just added a new caliper and still have the same issue. Any ideas...
  3. 4-Speed Automatic Transmission
    Just bought my dad's 09 silverado with the 5.3 and 4-speed transmission. I've noticed since he bought it brand new that when cruising down the highway, if you let your foot off the gas to coast then gently continue back on the gas, the torque converter is unlocked and the revs rise for a few...
  4. Tailgate Talk
    can a 1997 gmc sierra headlight assembly fit on a 2001 gmc savana sle? they seem to be similar in pictures buuuuut it does not hurt to ask. Thanks! Oh and btw, this is all because i want FANCY EURO HEADLIGHTS! but if i cant have em, oh well, it was worth a shot, Right?
1-4 of 24 Results