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  1. Suspension & Steering
    Truck is a 2005 silverado 2500 nv4500 4x4 with the CST 6-8 inch lift. Everything in my front end/ steering is new besides UCA’s. I’m having major steering issues causing the truck to pull the steering when the truck is leaning in either direction. Basically on a straight road, if there is a dip...
  2. Suspension & Steering
    Recently i brought a sliverado 2500hd 2011 it came with a lift kit but the suspension is really hard and bouncy I was wonder how can I measure the lift kit for I could buy the correct shocks. I was thinking buy some fox 2.0 performance 2.5-3.5 lifted. Any recommendations thanks
  3. Suspension & Steering
    So, I was looking into rear shocks for my truck and qa1 only makes the rear shocks for 99-07 while mine is a 08 so, I was wondering cause I can't get a solid answer from Google so I'm wondering has anyone done this specifically or just put some 99-07 shocks on a 07-13?
  4. Suspension & Steering
    Hello, I have recently lowered my friends 04 Silverado 1500 single cab step side with some 3inch lowering shackles in the rear but I’ve noticed that on the step sides the bed without the step side fenders end right above the leaf spring and now with it being lowered 3 inches the bed sits on top...
  5. Suspension & Steering
    I've never changed the suspension on any of my vehicles, so looking for some opinions. Just looking to level the truck, don't need a lift, but wouldn't mind something mild. Also not looking to lower it if anybody had the thought 😅 Daily driver, 95% city street miles, don't need anything off-road...
  6. Suspension & Steering
    Hey all, I'm not exactly sure where to post this but I've been having intermittent vibration mostly felt in steering wheel (but noticeable everywhere) for the past few days. It occurs at mostly any speed but especially from 40mph+. It's intermittent and occurs once every 3-20 seconds and...
  7. Suspension & Steering
    I just installed a Maxtrac 4.5 spindle with extended brake lines and bilstien 5100s in the rear with all moog in the front end. ( UCA/LBJ/Inner&Outer tie rods end links) Looking to build a weekend warrior for my daily to hit some trails/Mild offroading and was wondering what would be the best...
  8. Suspension & Steering
    my 2007 Silverado classic 1500 has a 2” levelling kit (torsion bars with keys) and I just replaced the front shocks with the stock length. The shocks are already leaking all the oil out, I haven’t jumped it or done anything other than normal road driving. Do I need longer shocks? Thanks.
  9. Suspension & Steering
    I leveled my 2003 silverado 1500 4wd with RC keys and you already guessed it, it rides like dog shit. I looked into a lift but don’t honestly want to spend $1000, is there anything i can do to improve my ride quality? I looked into aftermarket UCA’s but how much improvment would i see? What else...
  10. Suspension & Steering
    I bought a low mileage 2013 Silverado 2500 crew cab 4WD. The ride is SO ROUGH. I have even dropped the tire pressure down to 45 to 50 pounds, but that only helps a little. It appears to have stock shocks and leaf springs. Even driving slowly (25 to 35) through our town, when I hit a manhole...
  11. Suspension & Steering
    Hey Guys, Just wondering what everyone's thoughts/opinions are on the skyjacker lift kits? I am looking to get a good quality 3"-4.5" suspension lift kit for my 06 silverado that will last. I also want something that will prevent any bad ball joint angles and that will have a decent ride quality.
1-11 of 11 Results