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  1. ⚡ Electrical
    I have a 2011 Sierra 2500hd slt It was factory equipped with the power folding mirrors. The original owner had extendable tow mirrors put on at purchase. Due to these not folding, it effects the computer Have to turn off the memory recall for mirrors and seats. A couple years ago I found a...
  2. Exterior
    Hi, I bought a 2005 Silverado 2500 last year and couldn’t stand the blind spot the OEM mirrors leave, so I bought cheap stick on mirrors to fix the issue. Well they are falling off so I was thinking about getting tow mirrors. My question is does any brand have their mirrors pre-leveled? At the...
  3. Exterior
    My truck got sideswiped recently, so I need to install a new driver's side tow mirror. First managed to order the wrong one and only realized this after dismantling the old set-up and removing the door panel - only to find the bolt pattern on the mirror is different (apparently my truck is a...
1-3 of 6 Results