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Tailgate Talk

Tailgate Talk

A collection of items that are not otherwise classifiable, and which have a limited potential purpose. It's the odds and ends that had a limited purpose once, are still functional, and one day may come in handy, but for now...miscellany.
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Topics that are unrelated to Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks. Discuss any appropriate topic that is off the subject of trucks. Please do not post topics that request support for your pickup here. If your post has anything to do with truckin' it will be moved into a more appropriate category. Post counts are not incremented in the Junk Drawer.
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Tailgate Talk Synopsis

Post counts are not increased or counted in the Junk Drawer. Outside the bounds of the current discussion. If it is not truck related but you must discuss it, the Junk Drawer place to post your off-topic conversation. Completely off topic and free discussion forums that are extraneous and not on subject. Totally unrelated discussion and inapplicable but appropriately categorized topics. Common search terms: tailgate limited purpose talk functional still miscellany handy ends classifiable otherwise items collection potential odds

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Tailgate Talk
The junk drawer is a sanctuary for items we hoard out of practicality or affection or the nagging fear that "this may come in handy someday". We know junk when we see it, and that gets tossed pretty fast. Concerned with diverse subjects or aspects. Not related to the matter under discussion. Unconnected to the subject of the board or topic which is Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks.
Common phrases: miscellany, miscellaneous, heterogeneous, mixed, varied, assorted, off topic, free discussion forums, extraneous, not on subject, unrelated discussion, inapplicable
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