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Ok, I've done a ton of online searching and can't seem to come up with a definitive answer on this. My Silverado has a T code (iron block) I have tracked down low mileage same year B (aluminum block "High-Output" 5.3 with 310hp) and z (iron block "flex-fuel" 5.3 with 295hp that can run on E85 Ethanol) are these engines plug and play in the bay, or are there harness differences, ecu differences, etc.

Has anyone done a "cross code" swap, and if so what if anything did you have to change to have the truck back to stock driveability and reliability. Knee jerk reaction is to go with the higher horsepower z block, but that is just the kid in me speaking up. It is possible that I can pickup an entire truck with the z code that was t-boned and has alot of other pieces I can use.

I'm looking for someone who has actually done the swap to tell me if it's a simple swap or if it's a pain and not worth it.

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