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I'm looking to get OEM mud flaps that will work with the z71 (fender flares). I don't really like how the Weathertech ones look. I got this info from the GM accessories site...

12498060 - Front Set, Bowtie Logo, For Use on Vehicles with Fender Flares, Black
12498342 - Rear Set, Bowtie Logo, For Use on Vehicles with Fender Flares, Black
19213389 - Flat with Contour - Front or Rear Set, Small, No Logo, Black
19213391 - Flat with Contour, Front or Rear Set, Chevrolet Logo, Black
19213392 - Splash Guards - Front or Rear Contoured - Flat with Contour - Front or Rear Set, Large, No Logo, Black
19213393 - Rear Splash Guards - Flat, Black with Contour and White-Outlined Bowtie Logo

I think the 60 & 42 are the ones I want, but I'm not certain. They use the words 'contoured' and 'molded' and I'm not sure what they actually mean. Can anyone post some pictures of what these look like on your z71 truck, or offer any advice to which ones are better?


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Contoured means they have a curve to fit the body, not just a flat piece of plastic hanging down. Molded means it has some depth to help keep it in place and not just flap around behind the wheel. ... B000QIR6IK - Front ... B000QIOH78 - Rear

Thanks for the parts listing as well... I think my Santa list just got a couple of more

Also, if those are what you want, be sure to shop around for that part number. Not saying Amazon has a bad price, but it's not their price, as that link is for a 3rd party. But there are lots of dealers who sell parts online. Just need to take some time and search for the best..
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