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19trax95's 1986 CUCV M1028A1

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So I have been looking for a decent square body for some time now. Didn't really have my eyes on anything in particular, but the frame and body needed to be in as good of shape as I could find.

Last week I came across this beast on marketplace up in Massachusetts. It's a 1986 Chevy M1031. Which is the military CUCV service truck.

It is I'm great shape. Frame is rock solid, and the cab has very, very little rust. It is also mechanically sound. A couple little leaks, but that's to be expected.

It has the 6.2 diesel, th400 trans, np205 t case, king pin Dana 60 front axle with a limited slip, 14 BFF rear with locker, and 4.56 gears. The service body is all aluminum. It used to have a PTO driven generator and air compressor, but those have since been removed. The PTO is still on the t case though.

My plans are to keep it fairly original, but add a few creature comforts to suit me better.
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service bed or custom flat bed build
1. If you were to remove the service bed and do something else would it be fairly easy to put on different mirrors? I assume body work would be needed to fill in holes? and create new ones.
2. I am not to familiar with manual locking hubs, I have done it on a ford once but they didn't stick out as far as the ones on this one. Anyone know why they stick out so far?
Well now what is the fun in having only one animal? Make everything an animal!

Are you wanting the 4sp for the additional running gear?
Which truck will you be doing the testing in this one? I would be a little scared to put in in the HC honestly
Wonder if someone riding behind you is like damn this guy is burning some oil he better get it checked...... Little do they know you are running off of it LOL
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Thats nice to be able to buy less fuel and get to reuse the oil that you have already paid for
Neat, you sure move faster on projects than I do.

So say you get the turbo on and you were to turn the boost up and snap a crank or need a new block. What would be the plans then? just pull a used and not turbo it?
Lucky dog!
You got a month.. put that new trans in
Burning all of those nice looking pallets!

Crazy what a new filter can do
Still running the homemade fuel? How's it been doing?
Sweet! I was wondering which way you'd eventually go, full on bed or flat bed
Good ole mcmaster-carr, hopefully you were able to use a work discount lol

Neat info on the models as well
Dang did you take any throughout the year!? I am out of days already and I get almost 4 weeks.

Also probably ends up being cheaper getting that package deal for 120, wont have to spend time searching for individuals either.
I completely misread that. Thought you said you were taking the next two weeks off. I was like dang
I have always detested soldering, post up some pictures of your process/method when you do it. I have tried a few different ways and the easiest for wiring (still sucks for me) is tinting one wire then twisting the other around that add melting all together.
Does it hit immediately when trying to start rotating it or just cant get it to rotate the full 180deg?

Also I never noticed that giant pintle hook, what is it attached too?
At first you don't succeed try again
Torque-y diesel and 4.56s should pair nice with 37s. Why those type of wheels though?
Nice scores!
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