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2002 Sierra Problem with the door locks after replacing latches

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I have replaced the acctuator/latch assys on all 4 doors.
I bought them on ebay.
The rear are working fine but both front doors have a problem. The manual door lock that slides front and back is not working right, barely moves.
The power lock switches and the key fob lock and unlock just fine. The manual slides are working on the rear doors just fine.
Is it a problem with the latches or did I do something wrong?
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You need to figure that out. You may have put the door panel on wrong, or bent the rods a bit so they bind.

And if you are in an area where it gets cold, do not use grease on the plastic holders the rod slides in, use something like a graphite spray lube instead (as when cold, the grease gets stiffer and holds the rod in place).
Thanks for your thoughts on this.
I noticed the problem with both front doors before the panels were reinstalled, so They are not installed wrong.
The long rod does not appear bent on either side, I moved the rod at the latch, and it does not travel like the old latch did, so I doubt that they are bent at all and do not appear to bind anywhere along thier length.
I'm not in a cold area, quit the opposite I live in the Nevada desert, and it gets very hot here. I have always used white lithium grease for this.
Like I said the rear doors are working fine, I got those latches from a different seller, and I believe they are a different brand, and they are working fine.
If it is determined that the latches are faulty then I will need to buy from a different source and the prices per door vary between $30 each to over $200 each door depending on where they are purchased.
In the past I would have just spent the money and purchased Dorman parts for this but I am doing both of my trucks at the same time as well as replacing the window regulator & motors along with doing a full brake job, tranny service on both trucks, fixing steering issues and replacing axle seals. It all hit at the same time.
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