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2002 Silverado 2500HD, 6.0, Won't Start - Crank Shaft Anomalies

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I am a novice, so please have patience.

A little background: 200K+ miles and ran like a champ other than some burning oil. Out of the blue, check engine light on, stalled on highway, and would not start again. Codes for alternator and EBCM. Discovered the starter housing was sheared. Replaced starter. Still no start. New battery and alternator. Nothing. Grounds are good. Thought maybe engine was seized. Crankshaft manually turns - sort of. Easily counter, not so much clockwise. Sometimes not at all clockwise. But I am not getting a lot of leverage on it. What is weird, if you turn it counterclockwise just a bit, it will start. Runs terrible, and even backfires, smokes, then stalls. Won't start again. Starter engages fine. Manually turn crank counterclockwise again, starts and does the same thing. Any ideas? Of note, neg terminal on battery gets white hot. Thanks!


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Maybe an issue with timing. Or crank position sensor.
If it's hard to turn over, I would suggest pulling all the plugs out, taking the accessory belt off, and then trying again (turning the engine over manually). If it's still hard to turn over, there's something wrong inside the engine...
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Your hot battery terminal should be a clue. I would take off the belt and disconnect the wires from the alternator first.
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