Selling my 2009 GMC Sierra Crew Cab. I've owned this truck since 12/14, since the 91,000 mile mark. Nobody has worked on it aside from me...and I can tell you every little detail there is to know since it's been in my possession.
First off...I want to come right out and say, I am going to be completely 100% honest with this truck. I know what it has taken, and I know what it needs. This has been a fantastic truck, and has taken me and my family more destinations that any vehicle I have ever owned.
Why am I selling it? has a few rust issues, which appear to be all sheet metal. I can send photos at request if none are clear enough on here.
2) It has 228,000 miles on it. However, it runs like a top. I can provide details of everything I did to it.
3) There are things that used to work, but only seem to want to work sometimes. The cruise control is one of them...the other is the mirrors...they used to fold in at the push of a they only seem to work when they want to.
4) I want a newer truck (14-18). I just want newer options, that's all. This truck has served me very well, but it's time to move on.

The truck has a power sliding rear window that works great.. All the windows and locks work fine (windows are all tinted 20% on side, 5% on rear (I think). Keyless entry with remote start. Fog lights. All kinds of other bell and whistles.
It has rough country lifted struts and rear shocks with an add a leaf in the rear (to support more hauling weight) and upper strut spacers (to level it out). American racing 17" rims with 285/70/17's.
Rhino liner. Factory tonneau cover (which should be replaced).
Magnaflow stainless muffler.
Kenwood DDx374BT head unit...the rear door speakers are Polk DB 652's.
The truck was tuned shortly after I bought it with HP tuners. The AFM was turned off...the transmission shift delays were set better...the fueling was datalogged and tuned way better.*
The truck get's like 16ish MPG...runs on all 8 all the time. Trans runs cool, shifts well. I have the copy of the datalog and the tune.
Don't hesitate to hit me up, and I'll try to respond ASAP.

The price is completely negotiable. I just threw it on there as a starting point I also trade stuff a lot. I like Jeep cherokees/ Willy's jeeps. You name it, I'm into everything.