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dRewville said:
love fresh line-x.
i still have ol Rhino Liners on mine. painted to match truck... which i would NOT suggest.

i need to get mine redone but they talking about having to R&R so $$$$

i wish i could just paint what i have black as the product is in perfectly fine shape...its just the color has faded.
I can tell you how to fix the faded color.
Chris West the inventor makes the best black restoration product on the planet. You will clean the surface to remove any oils on it let dry. Then with a microfiber sponge applicator apply the product on a little goes a long way. Then buff off the excess with a mircofiber towel. Tell him Russ Welch from American Detailer sent you. I guarantee you will be impressed.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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