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I purchased a 2014 Z71 Silverado last December and wanted to see if any other members had rack & pinion problems, such as popping or binding when turning left or right, slow or high speed? This problem comes about after installing larger tires, adding leveling kits or lifts.

I added a RC 2 inch level kit last February and within a month started to hear binding sounds when turning into my driveway. The sound only got worse when I had a 4 inch BDS lift installed this past August.

Is this because the rack is electronic, hence weaker compared to the standard hydraulic rack? The lift and level kit did not put any undo stress to the rack, (IMO), nor did it place the tie rods in weird angles.

Just seems that GM has built and used crap prodcuts to mfg. such nice trucks. Anyway, would like to see if anybody else is dealing with the same issues and if anybody has a fix for this.


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If you look around I know a few fellow members had the same issue. And had their racks replaced. I don't want to say it's common. But it has happened to others

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