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That's weird! Have built dozens of them this year and last with the NHT package and the 2-speed transfer case. Recent change with the diesel? I usually pick the 6.2 which all of a sudden does not have the 13K tow rating. At first you could get 13K with 18 inch wheels and then they made it necessary to choose 20s! As of last week, there is no 13K option with a Crew Cab, just the double cab diesel. Unless of course their website is messed up which would not surprise me. 1500 GMCs cannot get tow mirrors on the Build Your Own either! LOL

Oh yeah, must be a new thing. I could not get the 2-speed and did have the option for tow mirrors with the double cab diesel. Too bad. We like to play off-road and haul heavy loads!

Ok, just "built" a CC Short Bed with 6.2 and NHT and got the 2-speed but no option to get the tow mirrors.

Ok, "built" a CC Short Bed with the Diesel and NHT, not 2-speed, no tow mirrors.

So they took away the 2-speed transfer case from the diesel engine with NHT. Maybe with the 3.73 gears it exceeds torque ratings of the TC or Transmission?

Probably, got the 2-speed with the X31 and diesel.
I ordered a Chevy Lt crew cab 3.0 max trailering. The dealership said it was a special order only. The dealer called Tuesday said my truck was in the rail yard in Cincinnati, but didn't know when it would arrive at the dealership. I'm glad I ordered when I did as they have the 3.0 on constraint until the 2023 models, then it will have the LM0.
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