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3.0 early report, excellent so far.

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Still very early in my ownership experience for the 3.0 Diesel RST 4X4 Silverado Crew Cab and I have been very happy so far. It's still summer temperatures and this will drop over the winter, I'm sure, but my last two tanks have averaged 25.4 and 25.8 MPG (Calculated by fill by total mileage/fill amount- DIC usually underestimates actual MPG) in mostly city driving- but I've got a commute where you can time the lights pretty well most of the time. Range gets close to 600 Miles if you do the math, my longest tank was 580 so far. These MPG figures are also being produced AFTER the 2" Factory lift was installed at a dealership front and rear so it's got the Trail Boss suspension but the RST 33" OD Factory 20" wheels as can be seen in the photo.

LOVE the truck so far, just under 4k miles- obviously very early- and no reliability issues to report. It's getting very good MPG, has great sightlines, great interior and is just a fun vehicle. The 10 speed auto combined with the heavy torque gives it great driveability. When I got it from the dealership the DEF gauge showed only half full, still have not had to top it off. Regen cycles, perhaps 1 to 2 per tank, are often not noticeable but I'll admit that if you're in very slow stop-and-go traffic you will notice the smell.

After the factory 2" Lift. I highly recommend this lift as it increased ground clearance noticeably and was a verified 2 1/16" lift measured at the fender @ wheel centerline all around.

Another Post-Lift angle and after Ceramic Window tint @ 40 rear and back plus 20 front driver/passenger:

Before the 2" Lift

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