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4x4 4l60e to Manual swap help

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So I got a 1993 extended cab 1500 4x4 that both engine and transmission are blown. I'm currently building a 350 4 bolt main carbed to stick in there but I need a new transmission too. I have read a bit of different swaps but this one I need help on.

First off I can't decide between a nv3500 or nv4500. Also I need to know what vehicles they came in and what years. Two more things: 1. Will the drive shafts work from the 4l60e or do i have to get the yolk of the whole driveshaft along with the transmission. And 2. Will the VSS work without a computer as I will have a carbed engine

I'm not worried about bolt pattern because I know if it's from a Chevy it will bolt to the engine.

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