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99 K3500 Right side wiper just stopped moving

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So today ok your gonna laugh. Today at the stop light. The wipers were working fine but it was raining hard. So I put the wipers on high. Suddenly there was a clunk, the right wiper blade flopped over into the left one they slammed together and that wiper blade launched into the car next to me front seat. He thought someone shot him when it landed. I grabbed it and put the blades back on. The right wiper blade seem stripped out. I can grab it and hold it and it will not move but If i let it go it will spin with the other blade. Are there gears stripped out? how do i fix this? I have found nothing on the web and and look here found 41 references but nothing specific. Help its snowing and i cant drive with one blade working. :?:
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Was it just the blade or the whole wiper arm that came off? More that likely you will need a new wiper transmission (linkage under the cowl) if the splines for the arm are stripped. If not, you can try to grease the bushing on the transmission to see if that frees it up.
it the gear in the right side of the wiper. The conneciton to the transmission is just fine. The wiper blade on the left side came off because the right side stopped working and fell into the left wiper bending the blade and shooting it off the truck. This the gear the right wiper sits on.. something is broke in it. How do I get the part and what is it called?
A pic would be more helpful but I'm guessing you're going to need the whole linkage assembly. I don't think the parts are sold individually.
theres no picture to take. Its the gear the arm(wiper) right side sits on something inside it broke. does it have a part# a specific one?
Unless the whole wiper ARM came off, take the cap off the bottom of the wiper arm and try tightening the nut. Mine came loose today when I turned the wipers on with ice on the windshield.

If the arm came right off with the stud, you need a new linkage assembly.

no I had to pry the arm off the gear is all.. its wants to spin its just like loose and any drag on it makes it slip. Ill check out that link.
that video isnt how these arms work they are just placed on some really fine gears and pry up there eis no nut to loosen them.
Sorry, was thinking 99 up NBS.

If the splined part of the shaft is loose and just spins freely, you need new linkage for that side. There are no separate parts. ... gJ&vxp=mtr
thank you guys its called a wiper arm transmission and it comes for driver or passenger side. Two bolts and clip in the back to attach the arm. ... fgodO0oI6A
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