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I have 2008 Silverado Ex-Cab 2wd that I purchased a few months ago, and now I'd like to drop it.

I bought the complete McGaughys 34070 5/7 kit. If it was a simple strut swap I could do it myself, however, I have no experience installing the flip kit, or spindles, ball joints, etc.

Are there any experienced members willing to give me a hand? I'll pay, bring beer, etc. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty, I can hold my own.

I have a good compressor (my air tools aren't the greatest) large jack, jack stands, grinder, cut off wheels, decent tools, etc.

Or, I could bring the truck to your place, shop, shade tree.

Again, not looking for a freebie I can throw some cash and get my hands dirty, too.

Anyone want to help a brother out?
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