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In CA...nothing would surprise me. I dont even know what TX laws are. I am sure there is something. But unless you are super loud...they probably wont bother you here.


Hmmm...found this for TX...though not from an official state site:

Decibel Rule
Unlike other states that enforce a decibel limit on the noise produced by exhaust systems, Texas does not have a decibel law. However, the Texas Transporation Code states: "A motor vehicle shall be equipped with a muffler in good working condition that continually operates to prevent excessive or unusual noise."

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It is good to see that some states are beginning to crack down on annoying vehicles. I had a neighbor who would rev up his motorcycle every morning. "Loud pipes save lives." Um, no. Loud pipes annoy the crap out of everybody causing them drive more aggressively and making it more dangerous for you....

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Loud pipes don't annoy everybody, they don't bother me. Just depends on how thick the candy shell on your ass is.
My Harley is loud but I don't sit there and rev it up, that is annoying. Your issue should be with the dumb ass neighbor.
Loud pipes actually can save lives. It has saved mine at least twice. A car tried to get over in my lane and a couple of good revs on the throttle stopped him cold. My pipes are louder than the horn when revved up.

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Loud pipes don't save lives. Leaning how to ride defensively does. By the time you pull in your clutch, and rev your loud pipes at a car about do do something stupid, you could have just sped away from the situation or applied both brakes.

But what ever makes Harley riders fee good :)

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