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Anyone in San Diego with a 4.5 inch lift?

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Bottom line: I'm thinking about installing a 4.5 inch CST lift but my wife is a little concerned about the size with putting kids in the back, etc.

To alleviate her fears I'm trying to get eyes on a 4.5 inch kit. (I see lots of 6 inch but not a lot of 4.5).

Anyone in the San Diego area willing to let a random guy check out their truck?

And/or share your thoughts on the lift size?

I'm new to this forum. What a great resource!

Thanks, all.
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It really isn't that high at all.

To put it simply, I had a CST 4.5 on my 2017 running a 33x12.5 tire. With the coilovers and add a leaf, I was at about 5" of lift over stock.

Now my 2015 2500hd, is leveled at just under 2" on the same size tires, and the truck sits exactly the same height as my 17 did.

So the 1500 trucks with a 4-5" lift, end up the same height as a leveled 2500/3500.

I didn't have steps on my 17 or 15 and my friend who is 5'4", she can get in it alright without much issue. Loading kids in the back shouldn't be a big issue either. It will definitely be harder than stock if you or her don't have the height to reach in and buckle them in though.

So if you can also find someone with a leveled 2500, that will also get you an idea of the height.

Thanks for the great info! I'll definitely look for some leveled 2500 trucks.

any chance you have any pics of your 2017?

Thanks again.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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