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Anyone know if the bed dimensions differ between a '99 and a '90?

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I'm trying to buy a "Decked" drawer system. To those of you who know about them, they fit pretty tight in the bed of your truck, with little wiggle room.

I have a 1990 1500 6.5' bed, and when shopping for my drawers, I find they stop supporting anything older than 1999. I can't find anything specific online, so I need to know if anyone is aware of any bed changes between '99, and '90.

Talking to Decked themselves, they just cautioned me about buying for a system outside of their specified years. Talking to GMC they said essentially, "see if someone has a '99 and can compare measurements with you."
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99-06 are all the same, so all you really need to do is find a truck of that vintage and measure.
They are different generation trucks, so I would expect there to be differences in bed dimensions.

There are some diagrams on that might give you the info you need for the GMT800 beds ('99-'06) for you to compare against your '90
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