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Anyone know if theres Black Friday sales on tonneau covers?

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I am about to buy a Bak Revolver X2 for my 2016 Sierra 1500 crew and was wondering if anyone knew if there would be any sales on tonneau covers for Black Friday? Figured I'd ask before I just order one. Thanks
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I'm shopping also, been thinking about the BAKFLIP MX4
I got my Baklip HD on cyber Monday 2 years ago for like $200 cheaper I think. I think I went through RealTruck but I was comparison shopping eveyrwhere.
Thanks Guys. Just curious how has the backflip held up?
Mine was on my old truck when I got hit head on and held up fine. It's currently on my NNBS. The rivets that hold the hinges on are a bit rusty but not much. The top got dented in a hail storm. And the rear panel has a bit of warp lately. But I've had it for almost 3-4 years now and never did any PM on it. I also had to do some minor modifications to get the NBS model to fit the NNBS with bed liner. Overall it's a great tonneau. I would definitely buy one again.
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