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Hi, guys!

I am not sure if this is the right place to post, or in one about tracking control...figured I would start here.

I have a 2010 Sierra Z71. I just purchased a new Atoto A6 PF head unit as my stock radio kept switching from Aux to radio over and over, plus I wanted to be able to connect my phone without using an FM Transmitter. I saw it had great reviews.

Well, I got the radio running pulling power for the accessory connection from the one switched power fuse I could find in the dash fuse box (I ran a joint fuse wire from the steering wheel backlights. Fuse 3, I believe.)

Since I had the console apart, I got a new button assembly that houses the Power Outlets/Pedal adjuster button/Traction Control Off Button/Backup Assist Off Button that is at the bottom of it. I got new USB power outlets to switch with the old cigarette lighter type. Cut the driver side outlet harness to plug in the back of the new outlet, and that wire for some reason does not work now. That made me hesitant to cut the second one, so I just resigned myself to have lost an outlet, taped up the wire ends, and went back to the original set of buttons. I tell you this, as I don't know if it has something to do with the rest of my problem.

Well, I was listening to the radio as I was doing this, but when I plugged in the harness for the Pedals/TC/BUA....The sound went out on the radio. Did the same thing for the new and old set of buttons I have. I don't know why this would happen, as my assumption is that both the radio and TC harnesses are separate from each other. Why would that happen? When I unplugged the TC harness, the speakers went back on. It is very perplexing.

I saw that there were several people that had this head unit, and figured I would give a post a try to help me with this instead of having to take this in to a professional.

Here is what I have done so far trouble shooting this. I just did this last night, so not much:

  • I thought it might have to do with the Accessory power connection I made. I pulled the 2A fuse I was using and switched it with a 5A. No change.
  • I checked the fuse for the radio - OK
  • I checked the fuse for the TC button set - OK

The only thing else I can think of, as it seems the head unit needs time to adjust to new inputs, is that maybe I need to wait a little bit after I plug in the TC button set and the radio will fix itself. But then, I am not sure if this is a radio problem at all, vs something else. Any input you can provide would be awesome!

Thanks for first post!
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