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Well after 2.5 years of non-chevy ownership I find myself back here yet again. I sold my 2011 extended cab 2X4 Silverado when moving up to the Northeast and wanting a vehicle with AWD/4X4. After numerous documented issues and 4+ months of shop time (without a dime out of my pocket) the other manufacturer has agreed to buy my vehicle back.

So... I was car shopping again. I started looking at 2014+ used crew cab 4x4s and was amazed at the progress GM has made in a short time. With the month and year closing I figured it was time to search for a deal on a used truck. I went to my local dealership with a low-ball offer on a 40K mile 2014 LTZ that had been on the lot for months. I walked away with a new 2016 4x4 LT CCSB with the all star edition and numerous 'nice to have' features like heated seats with the same out the door price I offered on the 2014 silverado. I am happy to be back in a truck especially with working out such a good deal selling back the other vehicle for almost what I paid for it and buy a BRAND NEW truck for 15K under MSRP.

Below is my new truck..and my previous trucks for nostalgic reasons :D

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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