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Backup camera with no tailgate? - 2023 Silverado

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I took my tailgate off in order to install ramp to load some of my mowers into the bed, which also means I lost my factory backup camera. Are there any aftermarket cameras that would plug in into factory electrical sockets that tailgate was plugged into (there were 2 wires that I disconnected if I remember correctly, but not sure what each of them do), and just work with the factory infotainment system by making it think it is just accessing original tailgate camera? Also, end of my ramp is about 3 feet further back than the original tailgate, so some longer wires would be great.

I apologize for newbie question, but it would be great if someone can at least point me into the right direction - am I looking for trailer cameras or just aftermarket replacement cameras, or something else?

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i drilled a hole in my license plate and installed the camera there. You dont even see it unless you actually are looking for it..

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I had a Colorado that I took the tailgate off for a camper and I purchased another oem tailgate camera on one of the GM Parts resellers websites and mounted it on the bottom edge of the camper. plug n play since it was the stock camera.
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