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Truck: 2000 GMC Sierra, 5.3L V8, 4wd, Extended Cab

Took my truck to the mechanic to have him figure out why my ABS and Parking brake lights were coming on. He thought the problem had to do with wiring for the ABS. He fully replaced the wiring for ABS which seems to have fixed the parking brake light issue. The ABS light doesn't come on anymore until I touch the brakes for the first time. He's now saying it needs a new pump and I've given up on trying to get that fixed.

After picking the truck up, I noticed that when I am in first and stopped at a light, the battery volt gauge on my dash would start to go crazy bouncing back and forth and I could feel a loss of power, almost like it was missing a little. As soon as I accelerated the problem would go away.

I went to the auto parts store hopeful that my problem was as simple as a batter/alternator. Had them test the battery, alternator, and starter. The alternator and starter "passed" but they told me I needed a new battery. So I bought a brand new battery and installed it in the parking lot.

The problem is now worse than ever and I am going out of my mind. The needle for the battery gauge bounces nonstop and I can feel the "missing" feeling more than ever when I'm stopped at a light.

I've already spent over $500 on all of this and want to stop throwing money at it. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? I don't want to swap the alternator out as they are telling me that it's fine... Is it possible that the ground for the battery could be causing this? If so, how do I test for that?

I have a video of my dash that I can post later as well.

Thanks in advance.

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Voltage regulator??? Just kind of a guess there. But other wise, when you see weird electrical problems, a lot of times it comes down to bad grounds or battery cables as you have already surmised. There are several grounds on the truck and I don't know the location of them all but someone else should be able to point you in the right direction on that.
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