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Before and After Transformations of my 2013 Silverado CC

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Well, Finally got around to doing everything after weeks of research of lifts and tire options.

2013 Silverado Crew Cab 5.3 Z71. I bought it off my fatherinlaw after right before he passed. Wasn't looking for a truck, but when the bank said he owed less than 15k on a 2013 with 36k on it had to buy it. Tried to keep it simple throughout the process to avoid the wife from noticing certain mods.

K&N Intake, muffler delete, Diablo Tune 93, no AFM, LED interior lights, LED Exterior lights, RC 2.5 Lift with Blocks, Alpine X009-GM2, 35% Tine, added factory fog lights,

Next mods will be small sub box, leather interior and tow mirrors. I can't sell the truck to anyone as the sentimental that the truck holds to the family.

Here is the truck stock with 265/65/18

Chevy Stock.JPG

Here is a pic with 22's 305/50/22's Nice summer wide tire but its a truck. I got these for next to nothing off a friend for a box of ammo.

Chevy Lifted.JPG

Here is the truck as it sits this morning. Was up all night after a day of hell at work, but shes dirty and should be getting aligned today hopefully. RC 2.5 Lift, with rear blocks 275/70/18 BFGoodrich All Terrain KO'2. Have no issues with rubbing at all in any direction with the factory mud flaps still installed.

Chevy Lifted with 33's.JPG

Please let me know what you guys think. Looks great in my eyes..


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Looks great to me too and can't beat it when it's a good deal to keep in the family
Looks good to me! :cool:

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