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I am planning to replace all the lines on my 2500HD after seeing how badly they are rusted. I've looked at the AC Delco and Dorman kit prices but wanted to know if anyone has experience with either.

It looks like the Delco kit only has the 5 lines that connect to the ABS pump. The Dorman kit has 7 lines which includes the two lines that branch from the rear axle tee. For those that have replaced their lines, did you replace those rear axle lines? Mine do not appear to be heavily rusted like the other lines but I also cannot find those two line sold separately so the Dorman kit has the advantage here if I need to go that route.

I also found a company (SS Tubes) that offers an 8 line package. Their line for the front right wheel is in two pieces for easier installation (no cab lift required) and their rear line is routed around the fuel tank so the bed doesn't have to be lifted. Their kit also contains the 5 flex hoses but their kit package is substantially more expensive compared to the Dorman kit plus the price of the 5 flex lines.

I'm planning on lifting the bed (did it once to replace the fuel pump), replacing all banjo bolts, banjo washers, flex hoses and clips. I'll also check the condition of my bleeders before I start....any other suggestions or anyone know of a write-up on how to get that right front line in an easier?
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