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Broke the XM radio/OnStar antenna cover...Yes, I'm an idiot!

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Yeah so I was clearing the snow off the top of my 2008 Sierra when, POP! I broke the cover for the XM radio/OnStar antenna in half. Needless to say I was seeing red for about 15 minutes...

The dealer wants about $400 to fix it ($240 for the part and about $150 labor). Honestly, I'd almost consider it but I'm worried about the quality of the work.

That being said, in doing some searching, I found the part, OEM on ebay for $70, shipped. I'd be crazy to buy the one from the dealer. Even the one on GM parts direct is $100 less. My only concern now is doing the job myself.

Has anyone had their headliner down at all. It looks like I should be able to just drop the front of it. I have a sunroof which may even help matters as I'd have another angle from which to get at it.



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Remove A pillar, sun visor, overhead console thingy and pull the weatherstrip from the top of the drivers side door.
You will be able to pull the headliner down plenty to get to the antenna. there is only one bolt holding the antenna on.
(see pic below) Take out the bolt, unplug the harness and pull out. There are five little phillips screws holding the cover onto the bottom plate, or if you're buying the whole antenna, just pop the new antenna in place and plug in the harness.
You shouldn't need to put silicone or anything on the antenna when you put it back on. I took mine off and plasti-dipped it red. Put it back on with the rubber gasket on it and have zero leaks.

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I would say that a newer style probably will not work.
Below is a pic of the connector on my "spare" which is off of an '07 NNBS.
The outside dimensions are identical to my '09, but the connector is different.
So, if I ever break my shell, I can swap, but I would need to use the guts and connector from my '09.

A quick search on ebay for "GM Shark Fin Antenna" shows a bunch of different antenna's and connectors for GM vehicles.
Why can't these kinds of things just be standardized?????

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Plasti dipped
No affect what so ever on reception
(I only listen to XM)
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