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So in October of 2015 I picked up my first chevy pickup, its a 2011 1500 LS extended cab 4.8L 2WD. So far I absolutely love it when I picked it up it had about 21k miles on it and already had a leveling kit on it (I think it is about 1.5"), a soft roll cover and the set of tires you see in the pic. After finding this site I got bitten by the mod bug and have slowly started adding my touch to it, so I figured I would start a thread. First thing I did was actually install my old CB radio from my ranger and added a 4ft antenna to the hood. Next I went and had the front windows factory matched to 18% and then added another layer of 18% around the back windows and a strip across the front. So far thats all I have going, I am currently waiting on my new set of tow mirrors to arrive so I can install those hopefully this coming weekend. When I do ill be sure to update with photos, as always any suggestions in the wheel/tire department would be appreciated!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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