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So I am wanting to put a brush guard like the defender or the Westin hdx on my 2007 silverado ltz. I would like to mount some led offload lights in addition to the winch. I have been contemplating on doing this a couple of ways.

1. Probably the best, but most expensive. Purchase a winch mount brush guard brand new for 800-1000 bucks, similar to this: ... 7072A.html

2. Purchase a brush guard without the winch mount and when ready have a winch mount plate made for it. I have my eye on a used defender brush guard for 250. My question is what is the key difference between a brush guard with a winch mount already on it and a non winch mount brush guard. Are the mounting brackets and everything the same and it just has the extra mounting plate or are there other significant structural differences.

3. Do a regular brushguard and do a hideaway winch mount kit behind the bumper much like this setup like this:
My question on option 3 would I run into any problems with doing the two of these?
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