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Can Cylinder 2 misfire be a lifter if not d.o.d.?

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I am asking because we have a 2008 Sierra 5.3 that we have done everything to in an attempt to fix it. It is not a D.O.D. CYLINDER, so can it possibly be that it needs a lifter swap if it is cylinder 2 and not a displacement on demand cylinder?
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misfire can on any cylinder and can be from many sources. Let us know what you have already done.
spark plug
plug wire
Are you getting any noises ? Any other codes ?
All of the above twice. Everything has been checked off. Before we do the lifter, can that be the problem on a cylinder that is NOT d.o.d. is the question. Is that even possible.
sure, any lifter can go bad. Is it constant or intermittent ? I think they are usually accompanied with some noise from not pumping up correctly but not sure.
Read this, it may help you out more
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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