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Cateye build

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I have this 2003 Silverado I bought for 3k. It has a ton of issues. This truck was a v8 swap. The computer says it is out of a 03 Yukon xl. However I want to ensure the computer is reconfigured right so I’m trying to figure out if there is a way I can pull the vin off the block or something that will locate the Vin so I can reconfigure the computer to the engine
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Step #1 What engine was in the truck from the start?
Thats what I figured being a base model no wonder it dont work.. see this thread. I imagine someone threw the engine in without figuring out if it was doable and became too much work to figure out. Little more involved.

Well go by that guide and start checking the most obvious things, seems like the biggest hurdle is having the V8 harness and reflash so I might would just get one and swap in or try to find the PN on the current one if its not gone.
Its probably not there just due to being 20 years old but you can check the harness for the tape/sticker with a part number. I don't know exactly where it is on the 03 if its still there but you can look on the connector (the 888) like shown here and might get lucky

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Have you had it running at all?
lord, I missed that. No need to worry about the harness then like mentioned you already must have the right one.
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