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Cateye build

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I have this 2003 Silverado I bought for 3k. It has a ton of issues. This truck was a v8 swap. The computer says it is out of a 03 Yukon xl. However I want to ensure the computer is reconfigured right so I’m trying to figure out if there is a way I can pull the vin off the block or something that will locate the Vin so I can reconfigure the computer to the engine
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That is not how it works.
I don't even know why you would buy such a thing if you have no knowledge on the subject.
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If he is running the V8 he already has the correct harness.
My suggestion is go buy a V6 and all the fixins and just replace it back to stock.

Or I would also suggest have someone retune the truck so that the PCM is reading your truck's VIN instead of another truck's VIN. Obviously whoever did this swap has a monkey brain.
Mailordertuner out of Temple TX
Give him a call and explain what’s going on. Tell him you just want a base 6.0 tune that matches your VIN.
Oh shoot thought this was a 6.0.Thought I read Denali at some point lol
You need a fuel pump first. Probably not a wiring issue
Ah read that wrong lol

Check the bed connector. I have read of a few guys replacing theirs just recently.
Could be but ABS modules of that gen are garbage especially the early ones.
No idea, mine was replaced under warranty at least 10 years ago lol
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