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Cateye build

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I have this 2003 Silverado I bought for 3k. It has a ton of issues. This truck was a v8 swap. The computer says it is out of a 03 Yukon xl. However I want to ensure the computer is reconfigured right so I’m trying to figure out if there is a way I can pull the vin off the block or something that will locate the Vin so I can reconfigure the computer to the engine
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Can you shed a little light? The truck isn’t starting right. I’m just trying to reverse engineer this swap so I can pin point the issues
Truck starts like it doesn’t have enough fuel getting to the engine, I’ve replaced MAF, air intake filter, fuel filter.
Happens regardless hot or cold, not a flex fuel engine. Scanner is pulling a p0178 code. It’s a base model trim.
Yeah I have no clue what they did I’m just trying to reverse engineer what they did.
How would I go about finding the “PN” in this truck? And that’s where I was gonna start as well. Wiring harness and the flashing.
Wasn’t my intention to go this far deep, I have mechanical experience just not in engine swapping
Bet man I appreciate the help
Yes it’s completely driveable minus the entire suspension needing to be redone and exhaust
I’m on my way now to great a fuel pressure tester
My suggestion is go buy a V6 and all the fixins and just replace it back to stock.

Or I would also suggest have someone retune the truck so that the PCM is reading your truck's VIN instead of another truck's VIN. Obviously whoever did this swap has a monkey brain.
Very well, I’ll see about having it retuned. Where should I start?
Update: I checked the injectors using a noid light and a flat head screwdriver everything is fine and working properly, I checked the fuel pressure, fuel pump is bad. I changed spark plugs and wires. It’s definitely idling better and driving better. Now I’m trying to figure out this wiring issue.
Right it’s on order, the wiring issue I’m talking about is the fact when I put on my blinkers my reverse light comes on with the blinker, and when im in reverse my lights don’t come on
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That’s what my thought was as well. Since all the other lights work after replacing the harnesses.
I have one last question that’s bizarre to me.
My ABS and my parking brake light is on 24/7 the abs module is not communicating with the BCM per the code reader I have. Could this be a ground ?
Oh shit okay, how would you recommend I test the ABS module?
Shit lol worth a shot man . I’m just trying to rebuild this truck . Someone didn’t take care of it
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